Allison put her secret in danger by saving Scott’s life (x)

Anonymous asked: are you gonnna continue your allison's ghost au? i love it

Yes, I’ll continue it, I just have been away for a couple of weeks but I’m back now :) Thanks love !

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mccallthemall asked: your au's makes me cry omg i love them

noooo don’t cryyyyyy haha I’m glad you like it :)


Allison has to deal with Scott’s new relationship with Kira (x)

Allison has to deal with Scott’s new relationship with Kira (x)

liegood asked: you can make one when Allison asks lydia about scott and how he's doing or one where they are talking and scott runs into lydia and asks why she is talking to herself or one where scott is in trouble and allison warns lydia :D I have a lot of ideas!

Yeah, I’m gonna do that for the next one (I mean the one after the one I’m working on right now :)) Thanks for the ideas :)

liegood asked: Hey pretty it's me again! So my mind is stuck on your au so I was wondering what are you going to do next? Or do you take some requests or suggestions?

Hey love :) Hum.. I was thinking about something Scott related? But as I’m going on holiday on Friday and won’t have an internet connection for about 3 weeks, I probably will programm the gifsets so you can have some even tho I’m not here so you’ll have to wait before you see all of this. I’m doing my best so you guys won’t be disappointed.  I also take requests and suggestions so feel free to ask me. :)

marsmallowie asked: OMG okease continue the au and do a Scott and Allison next time!!!! Also more Lydia and Allison!!

That’s exactly what I was planning for next time haha, I’m actually gonna go start it right away :)

posted 2 months ago

marsmallowie asked: Please do a tag special for you au. Then it's easier to find for us

There is a tag, you can find the au at or in “my edits” :)

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allyasavesthebae asked: Oh my gosh your au of allison's ghost is flawless!!!!!!!!! Allison is my favorite character on tw and you've made her death easier to cope with; your gifs are awesome too!!!!!!!! <3 Hope you're having a great day :)

Thank you sweetheart, I’m glad you like it (especially because I honestly had no idea what I was doing when I started it so I’m kinda surprise of the success it has??) Have a great day as well, and thank you for stopping by ♥

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